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“Wow!” is all I can say about these mounts. They have helped me place and win several matches from Extreme Long Range matches out to 2200 yards all the way down to .22 Precision Rifle Series! I took these mounts through hell and back and they continue to out-perform! My rifle fell off a prop […]

Matthew Gills, Riggers Inc.

“I was introduced to the one piece Optimum scope mount by Dave Moore and Marty Tanguay; owners of the company during one of my Extended Long Range matches in Virginia last year. They are fantastic mounts to say the least. They are overbuilt, rigid as I-Beams and they flat hold on even if your mounting […]

Jay Monych, Director ELRSO

“In competitive Extended Long Range shooting, your equipment has to be tough, reliable, and machined to tight tolerances while remaining dependable. The guys at Optimum first ask me to try out one of their scope mounts during the 2020 season. I ran it through it’s paces and did my own special kind of torture testing. […]

Shane Smith, Team Alamo Precision Rifles/ELRSO

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Showing 1–3 of 6 results