Jay Monych, Director ELRSO

“I was introduced to the one piece Optimum scope mount by Dave Moore and Marty Tanguay; owners of the company during one of my Extended Long Range matches in Virginia last year. They are fantastic mounts to say the least. They are overbuilt, rigid as I-Beams and they flat hold on even if your mounting screws come loose from recoil or harmonics because of their patented locking system that is ‘truly state of the art.’
I’ve fired several rounds with the screws purposely loosened by me after mounting it with my 375 Cheytac and never lost zero. I will say that again ‘never lost zero!’
They come with a bubble level that is machined into the mount and can be extended and retracted with the push of your finger. They are expensive…but so are my competition and hunting guns and scopes! Are they worth it? For me, they are without question and I now have them on all my guns. 
If you want a strong mount that won’t slip, tilt, and take the bumps and bangs that competition and hunting give you, then the Optimum scope mounts are unbeatable!

Jay Monych is one of the founders of, and current director of the Extended Long Range Shooting Organization; http://elrso.com/