Shane Smith, Team Alamo Precision Rifles/ELRSO

“In competitive Extended Long Range shooting, your equipment has to be tough, reliable, and machined to tight tolerances while remaining dependable. The guys at Optimum first ask me to try out one of their scope mounts during the 2020 season. I ran it through it’s paces and did my own special kind of torture testing. The patented rail locking system intrigued me since I think at one point or another we have all had something come loose at a match and cost us points only to be discovered later. I mounted the first one they ever handed me on the top of my comp gun chambered in .375 Cheytac, torqued it to spec, removed the screws from the base entirely and fired 10 shots. The mount did not pop free or move, the gun held zero 10 shots in a row. Am I suggesting you go shoot the mount with the screws removed? No, but it’s nice to know if I ever miss a loose screw after traveling to a match, or if the screw vibrates loose during a match the Patented locking system may buy me a few good shots. Not a competitive shooter you say? I think having that kind of reliability might be just as important after bouncing your gun around through the mountains pursuing that trophy elk or mule deer. I now proudly and confidently run Optimum Scope Mounts on every firearm I depend on, and you can too.”

Shane Smith is a competition shooter using Alamo Precision Rifles for team ELRSO.